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Our whole home water treatment systems allow you to enjoy bottle quality drinking water right out of your kitchen faucet. Think of the amount of money you could save a year on bottled water for your entire household and the amount of plastic you recycle due to those bottles.

Reverse Osmosis drinking water filters out  95%-98% of unwanted contaminants,  a vast majority of microscopic organisms, and even heavy metals. Although Reverse Osmosis does an incredible job at filtering out all of the negative elements in our water, this filtration process also removes the positive elements that we actually WANT in our water. So how do we solve this problem? By adding an Alkaline filter to your Reverse Osmosis system, you can add those positive nutrients such as calcium & magnesium back into your drinking water as well as raise the pH to 9.5. This dynamic duo provides you and your family with the most clean, healthy, fresh purified drinking water available…right at your kitchen sink.

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