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Florida water is heavily injected with chlorine/chloramine to disinfect our water while it travels to our homes. Hard water is no secret in Florida; Over time, the calcium and scale buildup will destroy your household appliances and tarnish your glass and silverware, . Our solutions remove the chemicals and minerals to soften and filtrate your water, putting an end to these issues.

Signs of hard water include:

  • mineral build up around water fixtures
  • soap scum on shower curtain/doors
  • dry itchy skin
  • dull scratchy clothing
  • spots on dishes
  • more

The Water Guys offer a variety of solutions to help you resolve all of your hard, city water needs. A TWG specialist will come to your home, test your water, assess and review the results with you and  build a custom filter/softener to ensure your water is clean, soft and pure.


Reverse Osmosis drinking water filters out  95%-98% of unwanted contaminants,  a vast majority of microscopic organisms, and even heavy metals. Although Reverse Osmosis does an incredible job at filtering out all of the negative elements in our water, this filtration process also removes the positive elements that we actually WANT in our water. So how do we solve this problem you may ask? Water softeners. Installing a water softener in your home replaces that sodium in your water that the R.O. removes.

A reverse osmosis drinking water system partnered with a water softener allows you to enjoy the benefits of both soft water and purified drinking water. Added bonus? The performance of your R.O. system will be greatly enhanced when the process starts with soft water.


For those homeowners who are always on the go, The Water Guys offers a monthly home service which includes adding monthly required salt, go through the valve and send your unit into a manual regeneration. It’s a small cost and an effective way to keep your system performing in top shape. Many benefits to the monthly maintenance service as it enables our highly trained service techs to prevent issues from occurring.

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We look forward to providing you with the best solutions to you water treatment needs. City Water? Well Water? Drinking Water? We got you covered!