How to Properly Maintain Reverse Osmosis for Best Performance

Under the sink RO System

If you have a reverse osmosis water system inside your home or business it’s very important to consider proper maintenance solutions for keeping these items up and running over time. Here are some of the top tips that you can use to keep your system annually sanitized and cleaned:

Performing a regular filter change: the owner’s manual will direct you through the ideal time that you can change your filters within the system. Reverse osmosis can sometimes have 3 to 5 stages built into it. Understanding the number of filters that are in the system are very important when it comes to replacement. In most cases a sediment filter should be changed at every year, carbon filters need to be changed at every year, the reverse osmosis membrane needs to be changed at every two years and the polishing filter should be changed out every year.

Cleaning and sanitizing your system: when you work at properly filtering your system it is extremely important that you follow the owner’s manual for proper sanitation. This can involve showing off the main valve completely, dispensing all of the water and then removing the filters for replacement. Keeping all filters out of their housings and then screwing them back into place can be an important step here. Most of the time sanitizing involves pouring a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the housing letting it soak and then reattaching all of the connections. Letting the cycle run through at least two full cycles before replacing the filters with the new ones can be important. After the new filters are installed you can restart the system and let the tank fill up one more time for use.

If you could use assistance with properly maintaining your reverse osmosis system contact our staff today for assistance with your maintenance.

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